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Our Expertise


High Impact Rep

A considerable number of key, power buyers are handled by multiple salespeople. Office support staff further enhances the level of service we provide. 

On changeovers at the warehouse, in independent jobber stores or at retail chains, we are proud of our ability to quickly and professionally complete changeovers. Our customers value the minimal intrusion into their businesses. This gives Repforce a significant edge when selling against competition.

With all those feet on the street, Repforce sells across a broad spectrum of market channels and sub channels. We also sell deep within those categories calling on secondary and tertiary accounts.

Pull Thru Selling

Repforce recently embarked on a fee driven jobber/installer call program in which over 1000 calls are made each year. On the call our rep ensures the jobber/installer is up to date on catalogs, merchandising and promo materials, tech bulletins etc. The jobber/installer chooses the distributor with whom he deals and Repforce processes any orders, addresses any sales related problems and reports the activity back to the manufacturer.  


Local Business Partners

The agency also has developed “own the space” in which our salespeople call on selected retail store chains and independents on behalf of manufacturers we represent. In those calls we ensure the retailer is well merchandised, up to date on new items, is priced competitively and is utilizing POPs and support materials.
Product and Sales Training for customers to facilitate pull thru sales.


Sales Coordinator

At Repforce, the role of sales manager is one of coordinating the visits of factory personnel to the territory.  

This includes centralized scheduling of work with the sales force and setting of sales meeting dates.  The sales manager also coordinates hotels, dinners and itineraries for the visiting factory manager.

Tim Walter – Sales Coordinator

Tim Headshot lb.jpg
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