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 In 1953, Dave Yost Sr founded Yost Associates, a manufacturer sales representative company for a new market:  Automotive. For 42 years, they provided outstanding service and strong relationships with prominent companies like Pep Boys. In 1995, Yost Associates merged with another venerated company, Action Sales. They came to be the Repforce Inc that is known and respected today. Dave Yost Jr, Keith Craley and Joe Smith became the partners and started the ongoing development of Repforce. Once Joe Smith retired, Bob Burdekin was promoted to partner.

 Repforce was and still is committed to the original values from their founding companies but also aware of the ever-changing needs of the business. Over the years, Repforce has grown and expanded in both territories and markets. Shortly after their merger they expanded their Mid-Atlantic core to include Upstate NY and Western PA.

 In 2002, Repforce merged with Flannery Associates a PBE rep company, and another layer was added to their automotive business. Rob Harvey joined Repforce to preside over this division and became a partner. The years between 2002 thru 2006 were active with expansion. First by merging with Rosen Kent and expanding into the Metro NY area. Then with an alliance with Ron Berger Sales to cover key accounts in New England. Twice during this time period manufacturers approached Repforce, hoping they would expand their territory to include some struggling markets. Repforce agreed and took on key accounts in Puerto Rico, OH, KY, IN, IL, and MI. This introduced Repforce to Ray Moore’s company R&K Sales, and they worked up an agreement to have representation at Sears/Kmart.

 In 2009, Repforce merged with another esteemed company: Fitzmaurice Sales. This strengthened their footprint in both the Mid Atlantic and Metro NY territories. New England boomed and Repforce was asked to expand their presence into Eastern Canada and Southeastern States. To handle the New England and Canadian growth, Mike Bolio joined Repforce in 2010, bringing an expertise in Performance, Racing and Aftermarket Accessories and added another market to the business. The heavy expansions and manufacturers demands meant strengthening Repforce from within and in 2014 Ray Moore merged his company into Repforce, became a partner and introduced General Merchandise to the business model.

 Even amid a pandemic beginning in 2020, Repforce grew stronger and committed to its original core values. Repforce implemented new remote ways to assist their clients and customers through the trying times. And promoted Jim Fitzmaurice to partner. In 2021, Repforce made an agreement with Ira Sherman Sales and brought him aboard, once more strengthening their portfolio.

 2022 is seeing another expansion. Impressed with Repforce’s style of business a key manufacturer, once again, asked Repforce to expand further into the MidWest to assist in an area they felt was lagging. Repforce agreed and acquired the states of ND, SD, WI, IL and MN into its comprehensive territory. To cover this new expansion, Tim Walter and Mike Bolio were promoted to partners.

In 2024, Repforce extended its reach into the Southeast, ensuring comprehensive coverage in NC, SC, GA, and FL.

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